Digital marketing for your business can be hard. Let us take the guesswork out of it.
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A professional business marketing package will help make sure your business or organization rises to the top of the leading search engines and directories. A great business website isn't enough if no one knows it's there. Make sure you can be found online in search engines, let customers find your business on Google, read your reviews and posts, see your specials, and so much. Social Media presence is must to connect with today's world. Our marketing plans will help create your brand identity on the leading social media channels. Your professionally written press release is designed to get you more visibility on various local and national media channels, getting you more publicity, customers, and more credibility. Our professional video services will showcase your brand in a compelling way and give customers an easy way to find out more information about your company through YouTube video ads, television spots, or whatever distribution channel you choose. A professional business marketing package by Gladlii is designed to help your brand look brilliant online. It's more than just a marketing package. It's a selling engine.

Our talented marketing team will setup your business' social media profile, publish weekly content to your social media channels, write and distribute a professional press release for you, produce a video commercial for your business, create a professional business profile in Google, Yelp, and over 30 of the leading directories and search engines that will showcase your business, passion and services in an impressive way. And that's just the beginning.

Your Business Marketing Features

Affordable online marketing for your business
When you have a team like Gladlii behind you, you can focus on what you love. We'll handle the rest.
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  • Social media business account setup (you choose: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • 2 social media posts/week for 1 year (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…)
  • Facebook cover photo & profile (can sub with Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram)
  • 1 press release professionally written and distributed to media outlets
  • 1 video (commercial, ad, promo, etc) 60 secs (you can post to YouTube, Vimeo, social media or choose to air on television)
  • Q&A Website writing and posting (to websites like Quora, etc.)
  • 3 Blog posts to your website/ week for 1 year (articles and topics specific to your industry) – Content marketing
  • Submission to search engines & directories (30+)
  • 1 professionally written article (100% original content, you choose topic)
  • Advertising design – custom banner design & creation
  • 1 Guest blog post linking back to your website
  • SEO on-page optimization of 1 page (homepage or any other website page)
  • Setup and optimization of Google My Business (GMB) business profile
  • Setup and optimization of Yelp Business listing
  • Website SEO audit
  • Advanced SEO audit report
  • Setup and creation of Google Adwords account
  • Website SEO & Meta tags setup – basic
  • Creating listings in top 30 local search engines, directories and review sites
  • Optimizing Google My Business, Bing Local, Apple Maps, Facebook Places &
  • Yelp business listings
  • Monitoring and fixing duplicate business listings in Google My Business, Bing
  • Local, Facebook Places & Yelp
  • Monitoring and fixing inconsistent local business listings




Details about your Marketing Package

Social Media Marketing Included

Social Media Account Creation & Setup
  • This is ideal for your business because you want to connect with your audience by sharing timely, engaging content. Your social media marketing comes complete with your social media business account setup on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Gladlii will also perform your social media branding design (cover art), monitoring, and content posting on any 2 of these social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Includes 8 posts per month (see below).
Weekly Social Media Posts to Your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • You want to engage with your followers. You also want to build trust and credibility for your brand. Perhaps nothing does this better than fresh, relevant content to your social media channels – on a consistent basis. Gladlii’s social media marketing package comes with two industry-specific facebook posts, twitter posts or LinkedIn posts published on your account every single week for one year. These articles are curated from some of the most reliable sources on the internet, and include information about your business, and the relevant hashtags, so that with each post so that no matter what your users are reading, they can learn more about you and your services. 104 social media posts on your behalf for 1 year at an unbelievable affordable price. Wow.
Facebook Cover Photo & Profile (Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • Creation of your Facebook cover photo & profile (can substitute with Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram instead if you prefer)
  • We will create a standout Facebook cover and profile photo that perfectly fits your brand’s look and theme with our graphic design experts. Whether you’re designing for your business page or personal page, your marketing bundle comes with a custom design integrated with your logo and based on your specifications.
  • Build your visual identity by creating Facebook cover and profile photo that are cohesive with your brand and profile. Let your individuality shine by using your own logo, customizing fonts and choosing your own color palette.
  • All of our designs are pre formatted for the optimal size for Facebook, meaning your Facebook cover and profile photo will always look its best without any tricky image formatting issues.
  • We’re happy to install it in your account for you also.

Video Marketing Included

Video Marketing - Commercial, Ad or Promo Video
  • You can bring your business into the future with compelling online videos that will allow you to reach and engage your target market.
  • Your video marketing ad will include premium stock images, premium royalty free music with rights to use it, and whatever content you prefer. We’ll work with you to create the flow of your video, transition effects, and company details.
  • We can include any voiceover narration or company video clips and images you provide, or we can use our own premium stock video images and photos.
  • Designed to match your brand tone and voice.
  • 60 seconds or less duration.
  • Will be formatted the way you need (size, output format, screen size, etc.) based on your specifications and your distribution channels.
  • You retain full usage rights. Distribute it where you see fit based on your business needs.

Content Marketing Included

Press Release Written & Distributed
  • Press releases can generate awareness, exposure and publicity for your products or services. Well-written press releases reach your targeted audiences in effective and managed ways to distribute your news message.
  • A well written, quality press release that contains the right keywords and phrases and that incorporates relevant and topical information will help validate your company website and ultimately increase website traffic and enhance online exposure.
  • Our experienced in-house writers can create a keyword rich PR about your business, your main skill sets, your company news and your specialties that is then distributed to top press release networks and news websites.
  • Designed to get greater reach and higher visibility for your brand.
Q&A Writing & Posting
  • Q&A’s are a smart way to engage audiences by giving best possible answers to the questions asked on Q&A sites like Quora. This also acts as a different type of backlink which allows diversification of your backlink profile.
  • This includes adding reference links or citations in the content according to the guidelines, which is helpful for the reader & promotes your website. A backlink to your website also helps to improve your search engine rankings and gets traffic to your website.
Weekly Blog Posts to Your Website
  • You want to stay at the top of search engines. You also want to build trust and credibility for your brand. Perhaps nothing does this better than fresh, relevant content to your website – on a consistent basis. Google and other search engines look for this to determine where they should rank your business, and how trustworthy your brand is. Gladlii’s content writing services takes the guess work out of it. Your marketing package comes with three industry-specific blog posts published to your website every single week for one year. These articles are curated from some of the most reliable sources on the internet, and include information about your business with each post so that no matter what your users are reading, they can learn more about you and your services.
Professionally Written Article
  • Building traffic and generating interest starts with leveraging a world class informational content writing service that delivers high quality, informative articles that make you stand out as the expert in your niche. Our copywriting experts provide informational content packed with accurate and up to date information, relevant to your goals, and with the right amount of pizzazz to pull your readers in. We match your tone, your business style and your audience. Content marketing and article writing is included with your marketing bundle. Sweet.
Guest Blog Post
  • Brilliantly written guest blogs allow you to engage with readers while drawing them into your subject. Our blog writing wizards follow the tone that you set and work their magic to ensure that every post makes an impact. Whether it is lighthearted and conversational, informative and educational or even sales driven and promotional, our blog posts grasp your concepts and bring it to life. Your Gladlii team will write the post for you, then distribute it to an industry relevant guest blog with a backlink to your website. This will drive your rankings in Google. Google uses links from other websites back to your website as an indication of how credible your website and business is. Therefore business websites that have links pointing to them from other blogs will rank higher in search engines than businesses that do not. Your marketing package comes complete with this feature – both the writing of your industry-specific blog post, finding an appropriate guest blog to feature it, and a link back to your website to improve your credibility and popularity.

Graphic Design Included

Advertising Design - Custom Banner
  • Create a standout banner that perfectly fits your website’s look and theme with our graphic design experts.
  • Build your visual identity by creating banner designs that are cohesive with your brand and profile. Let your individuality shine by using your own logo, customizing fonts and choosing your own color palette.
  • Forget tricky image sizing – all of our banners are formatted to match the correct dimensions on your website.
  • We provide you with fully responsive banners that will look perfect on all screen sizes, on any device.
  • Choose from a custom banner design, or a Google ad banner design.

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